A Worldwide Brew: Coffee Recipes From Around The World

Coffee is definitely a favorite beverage for people everywhere, but Americans are most commonly accustomed to drinking the standard black coffee, mocha, cappuccino, and espresso. This caffeine-laden drink is made in different ways and styles in other nations that you might find surprising. If you've been looking for ways to expand your coffee drinking horizons, give some of these international recipes a try.

Mexican Style

A coffee drink known as cafe de olla is popular in the country of Mexico. The drink is kicked up a notch by adding freshly ground cinnamon. This gives it a lively flavor with a little bit of a bite. Some people in Mexico also enjoy adding a splash or two of rum to the drink for an even more intense experience. You can make this coffee at home by incorporating cinnamon into a cup of coffee using freshly ground or jarred cinnamon for a delicious new twist on an old favorite.

Australian Coffee

Flat white is a popular version of coffee that's most commonly consumed in Australia and New Zealand. It gives the drink a milder flavor by combining espresso and steamed milk. The milk is added when it gets to a foamy consistency, making the coffee look lighter in color and giving it a smooth flavor. The flat white is so popular that some major American coffee chains are now offering it in the United States.

German Dessert Coffee

Leave it to the Germans to discover how to incorporate chocolate into a coffee beverage. More like a dessert drink, this recipe calls for a combination of coffee, ice cream, and espresso cream. The ingredients are mixed together with ice and served cold with a straw. The  best part? This delicious drink known as Eiskaffe is topped off with chocolate chips. You can easily make this amazing sweet drink at home and add whatever flavor of ice cream you prefer for a satisfying sweet drink with a hint of caffeine.

Japanese Tea And Coffee Combo

Tea is definitely the drink of choice in Japan, but they've come up with a way to incorporate this with coffee for a unique spin on an old favorite. The Japanese mix hot black tea with strong coffee and add sweet condensed milk to create an unusual mixture that's well loved by natives. Try this out yourself if you're looking for a completely new spin on the traditional cup of coffee. 

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