Get Your Emergency Supplies Ready For Hurricane Season

If you and your children were at home during a strong hurricane last year, you may have found that it was difficult to put on a brave face. Perhaps you realized that you weren't prepared for the intensity of the storm and the possibility of a lengthy power outage? Now that hurricane season is coming up, take some steps to ensure that you and your loved ones remain comfortable and safe if another encounter with mother nature is apparent.

Purchase Water Containers

If you rely upon a well for water, then you are taking a chance of running out of clean drinking or bathing water if there is a power disruption. Even city water can be deemed unsafe to use for drinking or cooking purposes if it becomes contaminated by pollutants. Large water containers that are designed for emergency use can be vital to you and your children's lives.

Purchase several containers from a business that sells commercial equipment for food suppliers and store the containers where you can easily access them. The containers should be filled well before a storm approaches and upon doing so, line the containers up across a table that is inside of the room where you and your children will be staying throughout the duration of the storm.

Each container will be rather heavy, but if they are set on their sides, you can use the spigot attachment that is on the end of each one when you would like to release the water.

Buy And Prepare Food

Refrigerated food items will not be usable after the power has been out for hours and some convenient food products may not be large enough to feed your entire family. Emergency rations that consist of powered meals that are in pouches will allow you to prepare complete meals that will fill you and your children up.

Buy a kit that contains enough pouches to feed you and your children for a couple of weeks. When you are ready to make one of the meals, use your emergency water supply to soften the food that is in a pouch. Stir the water and food until it is blended. A spoon or fork can be used to enjoy the meal straight from the pouch or you can pour the food into a bowl before serving it.

Pack Some Activities To Keep Everyone Occupied

Flashlights, sleeping bags, a portable radio, batteries, books, drawing paper, markers, crayons, and board games are some additional items that will help you and your family ride out the storm.

Place all of the gear in a box and set the box inside of the room where the water jugs and food are. If your kids are scared during a storm or if they are they grow bored, prepare them a snack and drink and then invite them to read a story, draw a picture, or play a board game with you. For more information, contact a company like WaterBrick International.