Tips For Buying Juice For Your Restaurant

If you run a restaurant, bar, smoothie bar, or another similar business, then you might serve a lot of juice to your customers. Because of the amount of juice that you sell, you may want to make sure that you are making the best choices when purchasing it. If you're looking for advice, you might want to think about these helpful tips for buying juice for your restaurant.

Try Stocking a Big Selection of Flavors

Right now, you might just serve a few basic types of juices for your customers. For example, you might offer basic options like orange juice. If you want to offer a nicer selection for your customers, then you might want to start thinking about stocking a few different flavors. If you serve cocktails, then you can start making all sorts of unique drinks if you purchase more juices. The same is true if you make smoothies or other similar beverages. Plus, you might be surprised by the number of customers who might be interested in buying juices of all different flavors.

Make Sure You Choose High-Quality Juices

When you are looking for juice to serve in your restaurant, you should not go with the cheaper and lower-quality options. Instead, look for higher-quality juices. Even if it costs more money, you will probably find that it's worth it so that you can serve juices that your customers will truly enjoy.

Purchase Juice Concentrate

One great way that you can cut costs is by purchasing juice concentrate. Then, you can add the appropriate amount of water to the concentrate to make juice to serve to your customers. In addition to being a great cost-cutting measure, purchasing juice concentrate can be a good thing for a few other reasons, too. For example, juice concentrate often has a longer shelf life than actual juice, so this is a good way to reduce waste. It doesn't take up as much storage space, either, so you can save some of your storage space for other things that you need to keep in stock. Plus, since you can mix up the juice in-house, you can make sure that it's as fresh as possible for your customers.

Many restaurants and other businesses serve juice on their menus, and your establishment might be one of them. Follow the simple advice above, and you can make sure that you are successful when purchasing juice to serve to your customers. Contact a juice concentrate supplier near you for more information.